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When in search for not just another template style app, but a custom look without the price tag, we meet those qualifications

My Pocket Business apps are the future in business mobile marketing. We have complied some very interesting mobile app articles that focus on specify industries. The articles are listed to help educate our potential customers on the varies mobile strategies and applications for each specific business industry.


MyPocket  is your source for the world’s first low cost insurance agent app designed for the individual insurance agent.  Now, for as low as under $1,000, an insurance agent like you can compete with the largest insurance company’s for your clients smart-phone app space. Imagine this, with just a few clicks, you can have your insurance app available to your clients in the iPhone store and the Android market.  With a insurance app of your own, you now can communicate with your client on their own terms.  Having a customized "MyPocket" insurance app, your client will have the peace of mind knowing that your agency is just a touch away. Now you can compete with the State Farm, GIECO, and AllState apps. What else can an Insurance Agent do with an Insurance App?  Now you can communicate your latest news and agency updates by simply adding new content to your insurance app’s content management system through the monthly update feature.  In turn if your client is happy with your service, they can also refer you to their friends with the built in Sharing features; making this Insurance App, a tremendous marketing asset for your insurance business. Aside from being a tremendous marketing tool for your agency, The "MyPocket" Insurance App development also has a number of features including an accident tool kit.  This accident tool kit represents a leap forward in insurance apps.  Not only will your client enter information, but the "MyPocket" Insurance accident tool kit allows your client the ability to access vital GPS information, and even take a recorded statement at an accident scene. With the growth of the smart-phone market expected to reach 140 million users by the end of 2013, having a  smart-phone insurance app for you’re agency is necessary if you want to keep up and outpace your competition. 
There are many good reasons to develop a school app. Companies like “MyPocket” can certainly make the school app development easier. We specialize in helping schools create and build their own mobile applications. Schools around the country can utilize this mobile app technology in attracting attention and delivering information to students while on the go. High schools, universities, academies, child care facilities, and even community colleges will be able to have unique mobile applications using our innovative development platform. The information here is beneficial to prospective students, teachers, staff, and especially parents. Let’s take a look at some of the offerings of “MyPocket” school apps. Trendy technology included There is a lot of trendy technology included in the apps built through MyPocketSchool. One example here is the Quick Response or QR Codes. These codes can be scanned to steer internet traffic. The landing pages for these codes are terrific tools for marketing and advertising. Schools can really benefit from them. Attract Students and Parents Having multiple ways for people to find your school is always good. Applications are just another alternative in this process. Students and parents will be able to use the apps built here. This provides schools with modern methods of communication. Reach All Parents At One With Push Notification How beneficial would it be to a Director to be able to reach all your parents at one time to tell them there is a bad weather and the school would be closing early. This is one of the features that would revolutionize communication between schools and parents. Spark Conversation Schools with their own apps are going to spark a lot of conversation. This is definitely going to encourage other schools to do the same thing. The referral program within MyPocket apps are a great way to raise money by simply sharing your school’s story. In addition, schools app can be used by students interested in attending. Parents and instructors can also benefit from the everyday uses of apps. You will find out more about individual schools and what they have to offer with these applications. 
Today, people are busier than ever and seem to have an endless list of excuses for not working out. With the MyPocket Trainers mobile app, they will no longer have anything holding them back from getting fit and healthy! With access on a 24/7 basis, there are no longer any valid excuses. With the obesity rate increasing on an almost daily basis, the time has come for mobile application websites to help people not only lose weight, but eat right, exercise and learn how to stay healthy. With the MyPocket Trainers app, trainers can make it easy for their clients to contact them anytime, 24/7 using the direct one touch calling feature. Clients will also have access to shared photos of events and staff members using the built-in photo album. Users can access meal plans, exercise tips, daily exercise routines and much more in order to make it easy for them to plan their day and get in the required amount of activity. They will also have access to the trainer’s social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. The “About Me” feature allows trainers to share their professional experience, testimonials and bio. Users can request appointments, get directions to the gym and even make payments via PayPal. What could be simpler? The mobile applications are easy to build and set up. First, sign up for an account and start building the APP using the step-by-step guide. Next, use the smartphone simulator to preview and test your app; then, just select the i-tunes or android market (or both) and you’re done! Using the MyPocket Trainers app to keep in touch with clients is a great way to build your business, expand your marketing and gain new customers. With an easy online app, you’ll be able to gain an edge over the competition by always staying visible and making it easy for people to contact you. Get started today! 
As a dentist, you don’t have an easy job and your clients are not necessarily happy to see you; nonetheless, you provide a necessary service to the general population. With smart devices being so popular today, it’s little wonder that mobile app development companies have been popping up all over the internet.  There are many benefits to creating a specific app such as the dentist app. First, it will grow your business while keeping your clients informed like never before. The dentist app is always visible on the client’s mobile home-screen and they can promote your business to their friends and family, giving you more exposure and more clients! The dentist app also creates greater customer loyalty and trust, while keeping your competition at bay. Customers need only access the MyPocket dentist app from their smart device and they have several options available to them; they can register an appointment, get directions to your office, call you directly, and receive education through videos and images. In addition they can link to your social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. Mobile application industries like dentist know the importance of keeping in-touch with clients and gaining an edge over the competition.  Our easy dentist app development process is the answer that you've been searching for. Branding, advertising and marketing can all be achieved from this dentist mobile app, at a price that is much less than traditional methods. 
Physician apps are becoming more popular than ever. Clients that interact with physician offices are enjoying the benefits the most. Let think about, now the clients or patience can get GPS direction with one click when they leave the hospital for their follow-up. They can also connect directly with the office staff with one-touch calling thus having the ability to set appointments right through the app. Another great advantage is the education via videos and images. Never before have there been a more powerful tool than the smart-device for delivering this type information, and all while on the go. Physicians will also benefit big with mobile apps. Now they can receive payments directly through the physician app and send important information out with one click. This reduces printing cost and increase profits. Finally  the Physician will increase it's customer base merely by customer sending the app to friends an family electronically (email, text or social networks). Most important features of MyPocket physician app includes:
  • Appealing and friendly user interface.
  • One-touch calling.
  • Street directions via GPS to the sports event.
  • Appointment Request.
  • Newsletter posting to keep parents and others updated.
  • Links to your Social Network pages; such as Face book and Twitter.
  • Embed videos and images.
  • Push-Notification messaging.
  • Client NotePad
  • QR-codes to include in marketing material.

There is no doubt that the measure of success for a hotel is how many rooms you can keep filled at any given time. This is more difficult in off seasons, but doesn't necessarily have to mean that you don’t have a lot of people in your hotel. The best way to make sure that you have few vacancies is to market your hotel effectively. There are many ways to do that, but one of the most inexpensive ways is to create your very own hotel app. You may be surprised by this fact. However, creating a MyPocket hotel app for your business just got easier. You can  have the MyPocket team preform your app development that promotes your hotel, lists vacancies, and helps you book rooms. You may ask how this is possible. The answer is clear.  A MyPocket hotel app is cost effective! MyPocket hotel apps can do a lot for your hotel. If you promote your app the way you promote your website, you will soon have loyal customers using it. Then, you can use the hotel app built-in referral program to entice users to share the app with others, gaining you new customers. Before you know it, you will have hundreds, then thousands of people using your app to book rooms. The hotel apps have many features, including the ability to give GPS directions to your hotel, and one-touch calling if they want to book over the phone. You can also link your social networking pages to your hotel app, so that customers can stay abreast of news and events going on at your hotel and in your area. All of these features will work together to ensure that you are able to bring in business even during the slowest of months.  

Marketing a nonprofit organization can be tough. You are likely on a shoe string budget, one that doesn't allow for television or radio spots. Yet, you need to get the word out about your organization so that you can be successful in your mission. With "MyPocket" nonprofit apps you have another cost effective option. Mobile applications have become increasingly popular, and with our nonprofit app development service obtaining a mobile app for your organization is easier than ever before. You are probably wondering what a mobile app can do for your nonprofit organization. The answer is a lot. MyPocket apps allow you to keep your potential and current contributors abreast of what is going on in your nonprofit. You can share news, let them know how and when they can contribute, and promote the services you offer as a nonprofit. In addition, with "MyPocket" nonprofit, you can allow for payments to be made whenever someone shares your app, spreading the word of your organization rapidly. The nonprofit app also allows for one-touch calling and provides directions directly to your office. Your app comes fully functional, and can be made available for all the different smart-phones and tablets through various app stores. Within 30- days, you could have an app up and running and ready to distribute to those who might benefit from your organization, or those who might help your organization meet its goals for success. Overall, you really have nothing to lose. 

MyPocket church apps help to reach the growing market of smart-phone users and will build loyalty, trust and dedication among congregation members. As a spiritual leader, it’s important to always be available, whether it is an emergency or just a member that is going through a difficult time in their life. These Android and Iphone apps allow people to contact your organization with one click of a button, for fast and easy service. Ministers can upload and share photos of the latest church events as well as staff members through the built-in photo album feature. Members and visitors can also access social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Tithing and donations can be done directly through the church app as well. There is also a ‘prayer wall’ tool that allows MyPocket church app users to share and initiate prayer requests. They will also have access to recorded sermons via streamed You-tube videos. Members will always be connected in some way to their church and will never feel alone. It’s heartwarming to know that they can contact their spiritual leader at any time, or listen to the latest sermon if they need a spiritual boost. The GooglePlay and iTunes app store makes it easy for people to access the MyPocket church app. For ministers, it’s a simple process of contacting us for a quote. Our church app development team takes care of the entire process. With everyone leading such busy lives these days, it can be hard to find the time for spiritual renewal. Android and iPhone apps such as MyPocket church can help people stay connected to their church and find time for peace and rejuvenation. 

The business card is a time-honored tool of independent contractors. Your loyal and satisfied customers pass it on to their friends and family with a “You should give Bill a call about those repairs. He patched up our walls. It looks like new, and he was reasonably priced.” However, alias, in the new fast-paced world of paperless, mass marketing your business card falls to the bottom of a purse or the back of a drawer never to be seen again. If only there was a way for customers who refer you, that remind these potential customers of your expertise and give them away to contact you instantly. Welcome to the brave new world of "My Pocket" Contractor apps. Contractor Apps is are an effective marketing tool that allows independent consultants, subcontractors, & general contractors to put their services directly in the pockets of existing and potential customers via their Android, iPhone or iPad mobile devices. As a consultant, your expertise and services can be just a finger touch away from your customers 24-7. Picture your customers being able to pay for your services via your contractor app anytime and anywhere. Imagine them being able to communicate service tips, monthly promotions, company updates and more by simply adding new content (text, videos, images or audio) to your app's content management system. Realize the marketing power of showing existing and potential customer's examples of your work via video or digital images. Now imagine a happy customer sharing those images or videos and referring your services to a potentially new customer via a built in sharing features within your contractor app. Having your own company contractor app developed combines the creditably of a tradition word of mouth referral with the tools mass marketing. And having your contractor app developed for an iPhone, iPad and Android devices mean you can reach any potential customer.
  • Customers can contact you directly with one click of a button.
  • View before and after samples of your work can be shared via our built-in image galley.
  • Customers can make appointments on the go right from the app, thus saving time and make you the first contractor they call.
  • Tell new customers about your company with the “Our Services” feature.
  • Payments for the contractor can be sent paid through the mobile app.
  • The contractor app's Referral fee program allows your business to turn customers into marketers.
Simply put the world has gone mobile. Your customers have gone mobile. Your industry has gone mobile, and your competition has gone mobile. So what are you waiting on to take your business mobile? The MyPocket Contractor App is necessary to compete in today’s ultra-competitive, ultra digital world. 

Image a scenario that happens daily in America. Two girlfriends sit down to lunch. Then first apologizes for being late because of a bad experience with a beauty salon. “I just got back from my hairdresser, and it was horrible!  I am never going back there again.”  The other responds sympathetically; “You should try my Salon” they always do a terrific job.”  She writes down the salon's phone number and name of her favorite stylist, and the first girl slips it in her purse for the next time she needs her hair done.  Fast forward a few weeks. She can't find the piece of paper and can't remember the name of the stylist her friend recommended.  What if her friend had shared a "MyPocket" salon mobile app? First she would have shared it with several people because she gets paid through the built-in "Referral Fee Program." Look smart-phones (iPhone, iPod touch, Android Phones and Tablets) have quickly become the way that people communicate and any salon type business that wants to reach out to potential customers must have a medium to market to clients on their mobile phones. Beauty salons, barbershops, massage parlors and cosmetology schools now have a simple and cost-effective solution to do just that using our "MyPocket" salon iPhone and Android applications.  With a "MyPocket" salon mobile app on your customer’s phones, your salon will be first in their minds and right at their fingertips. MyPocket salon offers the hair care professionals multiple ways to communicate with their clientele.  With easy access to your Facebook, Twitter, and salon's website page, your clients can follow your latest promotions and interact with your salon daily. Also when they are in need of your services, they can schedule an appointment with one-touch using the "MyPocket" salon scheduler tool.
Managing your apartment complex can be time-consuming and trying at times. Getting news to current tenants and trying to drum up new ones can take a ton of time from your busy schedule. However, you can now cut down on the time you spend in these tasks by taking advantage of the latest craze— Apartment management apps. With the widespread usage of smart devices (iPhone, iPod touch, Android Phones and Tablets); people are utilizing them in completely new and different ways, led by the game-changing Apple’s iTunes store. The mobile applications (apartment apps) are easy to locate and download, making the user experience both rewarding and entertaining. It seems like everyone and their dog owns a smart-phone these days, and everyone wants more useful business apps for their devices. With our "My Pocket" apps you can have our team develop your custom apartment management app. It doesn't even have to be expensive. In fact, you can get an apartment app developed for under two thousand dollars, not the $5,000-$10,000 a contracted apartment app developer may charge.  How might an apartment management app benefit your organization? There are many ways. First, you can use the apartment app to distribute management news or 911 alerts to your current tenants. Promoting the app with your tenants will make this a very easy thing to do,and take away a lot of the time you spend tracking down tenants to give them news of this type. In addition,you can create the apartment app to allow them call or send photos to your office with one touch, in case they need anything like maintenance. In addition to management news, you can also use the app to promote available apartments and allow them to pay their monthly bill. By offering a referral payment program, you can pay users for sharing the apartment app. This entices the user to share with friends and family that are looking for an place to stay. You can also connect the apartment management app to your social network pages, which might give more detailed information about vacancies and news.
    • Your renters can contact you with one click of a button.
    • Current tenants can promote your property to other potential customers.
    • The "My Pocket" mobile apartment app creates customer’s loyalty.
    • Potential renters can view your apartment vacancies.
    • Tenants can request appointments via the app.
    • Send notifications/alerts out with one push of a button.
    • It’s always visible on your customer’s phone's home-screen.
    • Tenants can send property violation pictures to you, using the "Violation Cam".
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