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When in search for not just another template style app, but a custom look without the price tag, we meet those qualifications

My Pocket Business apps are dedicated to keeping all our customers and potential customers informed. Here we have collected some of the most frequently asked questions relating to getting started, the app development process, and online app management.


The MyPocket™ apps are the newest and most cost effective mobile marketing tool available to businesses. It allows businesses and non-profit organizations to get their message out to a more targeted audience while they are on the go
Mobile marketing is arguably the closest you can get to the consumer.  There is no other device that is as personal (everybody has their own smart-phone), as pervasive (is with you all of the time), and provides the opportunity connect directly.
MyPocket Business app development provides video tutorials, and a searchable “Help Desk” located in your account. In addition, we provide email support at no charge


MyPocket Business app development does not charge based on how many updates you make. Most competitors do. Our philosophy is the customer should have unlimited access to their app account to make as many updates as they want
The entire process will take 30-days. We have a process that ensure you get what you want in an app development without rushing you through the process. It also ensure that we don't put out any crapped apps under our brand. 
Yes, it is up to the customer to confirm that all the translation is correct before we publish the app. MyPocket takes no responsibility for errors.
Great question! Apple does have a very strict approval process, and we cannot guarantee your mobile app will get approved the first time we publish. However, we can guarantee that we will continue to modify your app development until it is approved.
Yes, customers can make orders, and yes this feature has an additional cost. Check with your sale representative for current pricing.
Yes, if your company has multiple locations, you will be able to input the addresses and contact numbers. 
No, MyPocket account management system is user friendly and requires very little technical skills. 
The My Pocket Business app will remain in the app markets via your iTunes and GooglePlay account. However, you will not have the ability to update the business app through your account anymore. Your customers will also not be able access the app’s content. If your payment is not made on the fifth day after a decline, we will remove your app code on the sixth day. The app code is then remove from our system and cannot be retrieved.
Sometimes our customers/business owners do not have the time to maintain their business app. This can include tasks like adding new event listings, loading a shopping cart, monitoring the "Social Wall" activities or maintaining a food ordering menu. We offer a service called "App Management," where our company completes these tasks on a monthly basis. Contact us for more information.


MyPocket charges monthly account access fee  and  a one-time account setup fee. These fees are non-refundable because of the work involved on preparing the app for the markets
Yes, many of our customers do this. A credit card is required to be on file for the annual payment. We will charge the credit card annually from the date your subscription started. If you pay annually 10 months you will receive two (2) months free. If you pay bi-annually 6 months you will receive one (1) month free.  
Yes, we are registered under our corporate parent company "Clark Online Network." We take pride in consistently maintaining an "A" rating. 
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